Individualized Massage for Every Body!


About me:

 Hi! My name is Jenn, I attended the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2007 and fell in love with body work!  I am an avid anatomy and physiology nerd as well as a coach. My passion is helping people find their best selves, be it reducing pain/discomfort or finding their path in life. I love to see the people around me thrive, especially my wonderful husband Jake (pictured).  I also love to share a great cup of tea!


What I do: 

I create a safe space for your body to relax and let go. As a self proclaimed "no pain, no pain" therapist I use a variety of methods, tricks and techniques from a vast array of experience and training to invite your muscles to find their optimal state.  


I listen to what your body needs and choose from a variety of modalities such as: sports, swedish, shiatsu, chakra balancing, integrated energy therapy, hydro therapy, aromatherapy, range of motion therapy, deep tissue techiques, myofascial release and so much more.  I have recently added a few alternative therapies to include 'vibrational' techniques such as Bach flowers and sound therapy, Gua Sha and Cupping. 


Every session is unique to the needs of you and your body. I would love the opportunity to help you feel amazing in  your body!


Now offering: Combined Massage and Coaching sessions!


The safe and trusting space we create for massage allows you to feel supported, open and trusting. I have worked very hard to be a person worthy of your trust. Supporting you, holding you accountable and offering a nurturing environment can assist you to release old habits and be open to create new ones.  I use a method called habit change coaching that will stretch you emotionally as we increase your range of motion physically!  

This combined process is yielding faster results and greater recovery times than either offer alone.  Inquire today about our introductory session!


 New for 2021 -  Body Memory Release Technique

**Training in progress**

 Ever heard the phrase "get the issues out of your tissues"? This year we are adding new and exciting techniques that will do just that!    Currently studying the "Freedom from Body Memory" technique by Jonathan Tripodi. This technique assists us in releasing 'body armor' created by stressful experiences that initiate our fight/flight/freeze response. He teaches that these stressful experiences are stored in our muscles and can  accumulate to cause significant recurrent discomfort or disease if not released. He has seen significant health changes from this technique and I I am looking forward to hearing how this work will change your pain. Excited to  integrate it into your unique massage experience. 


New in 2021 - infant and child massage + parent education

 **Training in progress**

Babies are crammed into that little tiny space for months. As they grow their space grows and they are always squished!  Massage with range of motion is a great way to introduce safe touch, parent bonding, and optimal length tension of the muscles before they start putting pressure on them. Touch is one of the basic human needs and babies who are lovingly massaged have been shown to have  higher IQ and fewer health problems!   

*Training recommends one or both of the parents be present to support the babies feeling of safety and to learn techniques to use at home.  

(note: I currently work with children and adolescent clients with a parent present. Every body deserves to feel great and with all the changes that occur through childhood and adolescence, massage can be a great way to teach safe, happy and healthy body relationships. )



Thank you for visiting. If there are more techniques you are curious about or if you have a question or suggestion about anything  I would love to hear from you! Just click the 'Contact Us button to the right.  Talk soon! 


Behind the curtain.

The World of Oils is Vast 


Every client has different skin, different intentions, different aches and different hydration levels (yes that's right hydration levels) Different needs require different attention so before your massage I prefer to mix you your very own blend of carrier and essential oils to meet your needs of the day. 


First things first... what is a carrier oil?


Carrier oils are the base or the starting point from which we can add essential oils for a vast variety of desired effects. 

My favorites: 

  • Castor oil: Aids recovery increases blood flow, boosts the immune system and is an antiviral/antibacterial/antimicrobial!
  • Cocoa Butter: Soothing Antioxidant improves skin elasticity/tone, fights inflammation/damage and boosts immune system 
  • JoJoba oil - cleanser/healer  can help fight acne by being a cleanser and a moisturizer!  Speeds wound healing/wrinkle reduction by stimulating collagen production and  contains iodine making it antibacterial
  • Shea Butter: nourish/moisturize high in vitamins A&E, boosts collagen production and is a strong anti-inflammatory 
  • Sweet Almond oil: penetrating/ rejuvenating penetrates deep into muscles (and pores) to draw out toxins, anti-inflammatory, mild/hypoallergenic so it is safe to use even on babies!


These are my favorite to blend but there are so many more out there. Do you have a favorite? I'd love to hear about it! 


Why use essential oils?


Essential oils are volatile liquid substances extracted from aromatic plant material  by steam distillation or mechanical expression  for the improvement of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. (aromatherapy and essential oils PDQ June 8 2017)


Scientific studies (yes, peer reviewed!) have shown aromatherapy to have positive effects on the brain's emotional center, behavior, the immune system, and reduction of stress and anxiety.  


Yes Please!