Actualize your Potential Success    with Body, Mind and Spirit Healing.

(Techniques are successful independently)

Therapeutic Sports Massage

Using my low pain, no pain technique to help you accelerate your training.

Life Journey Coaching

A journey guide for finding truth and order in the chaos to maintain alignment with the potential for a most fulfilled life.

Energy & Spirit Healing

Aligning and optimizing your energy bodies, clearing invisible obstacles, connecting to your highest potential.


Do you have aspirations for your athletic performance or outdoor recreation? 


Whether you are a weekend warrior, high school hopeful or seasoned Olympic athlete, I have what you need to optimize your physical, mental and emotional states. 


My "low pain, no pain" sports massage technique speeds recovery, increase neural involvement, decrease recovery time and increase freedom of motion.


My Life Journey coaching enhances mental resilience, determination, and passionate pursuit of excellence. 


My Intentional Caring method of energy healing applies the universal forces of Love and Presence to align and repair energy bodies, repair energetic leaks, re-call personal power, clear invisible obstacles (such as attachment to prior injury) and connect to your highest potential. 


All Three techniques can be used in any combination for the actualization of your potential. 


You train hard.  Add The Regen Cycle to your periodized training program to turn your "maintenance" phase into a REGENERATION phase. What are you capable of? 

Therapeutic Sports Massage

  •  Unparalleled body reading skills
  • Targeted attention,  "look, listen and feel" to identify the root cause of the client concern
  • Whole client acknowledgement with a blend of eastern and western techniques.
  • Integrating energy therapy and neuroplasticity to retrain the brain to optimize movement.  

Outstanding service: 


My unique educational and experiential background provides me with a  broad skill set to address your individual needs. 

"Thinking outside the box" solutions- every session is customized to your Intention on the day with consideration of your training phase,  frequency, intensity to maximize benefits and recovery and accelerating your gains. 


15 years of continued practice


I have worked with a range of clients:  from Olympic hopefuls, military service veterans, paddlers, skiers, weightlifters, track and field athletes, footballers, construction workers, office bound explorers, pregnant mamas, new parents, infants and children and many more.


Athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages! 

I have personally worked with clients from 1 day old to 92 years young so far!

Energy & Spirit Healing work:      Distance or in person

Integrated Energy Therapy ®    assists in healing body, mind and spirit so that the vital life force flows through your body. 

Active 12-Chakra Balancing: 

optimizing the energy centers of your body to enhance wellness in all areas of your life


Intentional Caring Method: 

Using the universal forces of Love and Presence align and repair energy bodies, repair energetic leaks, re-call personal power, clear invisible obstacles (such as attachment to prior injury or personal trauma) and connect to your highest potential. 

Life and Health Coaching

Are you ready to see your potential come to life?

This is a transformative experience to reveal the heart centered path to your greatest fulfillment. Are you ready to be guided, supported and held accountable as you do the deep inner work?


Contact me to book a breakthrough session today!  For the month of January 2024 sign up for a 3 month package and receive the Breakthrough FREE!!



**NOTICE** I use an assertive intentional care methodology that isn't for everyone. I will stretch you, trigger you and support you.

I will hold the vision of your greatest possibility. I will believe in you until you take up the mantle.

 If you're ready for this offroad journey, trust me as your guide. 


Book a breakthrough today to see if working with me is a good fit to actualizing your greatest life.