Massage- what makes you different?

With nearly 16 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and 14years of experience in (athletic training, sport technical analysis, physical training, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and death investigation) 

I have a more in-depth knowledge of the human body than most. This is to your direct benefit as I will use this knowledge to "investigate" the cause of your pain and suggest treatment plans. I look listen and feel to find the source of the pain.  My technique has often been explained as a therapeutic/medical sports massage. 


( **disclaimer - I am not a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or "medical" professional nor do I play one on tv. However I will happily refer you to a medical professional if I feel you would benefit from their assistance, guidance or treatment.) 


I also overlay the "standard" massage (Swedish & trigger point) with a heavy emphasis on connective tissue (fascia) therapy, range of motion,  traditional Chinese medicine theory, vibration therapies (sound, crystal, energy work), sports massage, orthopedic massage and so much more. This, integrated with the metaphysical aspects of energy work and the 12 chakra system and you can start to see why my "massage" is not your average spa-ssage. 




No pain, No Pain  approach to deep tissue

wait I can feel like gumby without the pain, strain and extra recovery days??


My No Pain, No pain approach 

Using the intrinsic safety mechanisms of the muscles. Muscles are designed to protect themselves. they have fun receptors that send panic signals if they are feeling unsafe. Therefore,  I provide a slow, nurturing and "loving" approach that allows the nervous system to relax and allow me to suggest a more optimal functional length tension relationship.  This basically feels like having your muscles melted like hot butter.  


My technique doesn't feel like deep tissue because you don't need extra days of recovery after your "recovery massage".  You will stand up from my table  and wonder where your pain went.  Don't tell master Luke I'm sharing the jedi mind tricks!!




The deep tissue you are used to is what I call "meat grinder" massage. There is no mercy in meat grinder massage for client or therapist. this is the 80'+ no pain no gain theory.. Meat Grinder massage has the potential to do just that, cause damage to the muscles. This can stimulate the intrinsic repair mechanisms (which is sometimes the intention of the therapist for reasons I won't go into here.)  which may be warranted. However, this method of deep tissue release  is not as effective for the release of tension nor the enhancement of recovery in most individuals.  


(scientific research is spotty at best in this area with low n scores. This is merely stating my current understanding based on my history and experience. I am open minded and would love to hear if someone has some good science to share!)

What's in that Cream?

What you put on your skin is equally important as what you put in your body! 

I use the highest quality oils available with the highest integrity, sustainability and sourcing available. Unrefined, cold pressed and organic where available. 

(yes this costs more and yes it is worth it.)


The World of Oils is Vast 


Every client has different skin, different intentions, different aches and different hydration levels (yes that's right hydration levels) Different needs require different attention so before your massage I prefer to mix you your very own blend of carrier and essential oils to meet your needs of the day. 


First things first... what is a carrier oil?


Carrier oils are the base or the starting point from which we can add essential oils for a vast variety of desired effects. 

My favorites: 

  • Castor oil: Aids recovery increases blood flow, boosts the immune system and is an antiviral/antibacterial/antimicrobial!
  • Cocoa Butter: Soothing Antioxidant improves skin elasticity/tone, fights inflammation/damage and boosts immune system 
  • JoJoba oil - cleanser/healer  can help fight acne by being a cleanser and a moisturizer!  Speeds wound healing/wrinkle reduction by stimulating collagen production and  contains iodine making it antibacterial
  • Mango Butter - nourish/repair High in vitamins A, C & E, boosts collagen production, provides softer, smoother and more supple skin, reduces free radical damage and protects against aging
  • Shea Butter: nourish/moisturize high in vitamins A&E, boosts collagen production and is a strong anti-inflammatory, uv protection
  • Sweet Almond oil: penetrating/ rejuvenating penetrates deep into muscles (and pores) to draw out toxins, anti-inflammatory, mild/hypoallergenic so it is safe to use even on babies!


These are my favorite to blend but there are so many more out there. Do you have a favorite? I'd love to hear about it! 


Why use essential oils?


Essential oils are volatile liquid substances extracted from aromatic plant material  by steam distillation or mechanical expression  for the improvement of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. (aromatherapy and essential oils PDQ June 8 2017)


Scientific studies (yes, peer reviewed!) have shown aromatherapy to have positive effects on the brain's emotional center, behavior, the immune system, and reduction of stress and anxiety.  


Yes Please!