Reforged Mettle


I am a transformational life coach. I am good cop and bad cop. I will hold your hand when you need it and I will kick you in the ass when you need it. I will hold you accountable, I will cheer you on. I will celebrate your successes and help you learn from your failures. I will help you tease out the meaning and the truth from patterns in your life. I will help you find your heart and find the path it leads you down. I will help you find and forge the life beyond your wildest dreams.  


I believe that we are all here for a reason. that everything that happens TO us also happens FOR us. If we go back and get the meanings, the lessons and learn from them we can make our future better. We can live a full and beautiful life. I believe it is never too late or too early to find and follow the path of your heart.  


I believe that everyone has potential and when nurtured, supported and encouraged this potential can grow. When we cut the cords that bind us to our anchors then we are truly free to soar. yes I am a creative, a dreamer and an optimist, But not because I lived an easy life. Not because I did not have the crucible moments. I am a dreamer DESPITE having many crucible moments. DESPITE periods of extreme mental and physical anguish. I am proud to be a dreamer and a creative because that means I WIN. I will not bow to the negative, I will learn from it, become stronger for it and because of it. I will always find a way to overcome. 


I will always be up front and straight to the point. If there is something to be said, no matter how hard, I will find a way to say it that serves your highest good.   We will laugh, we will cry and I will push you to places that are uncomfortable and I will support you to guide you through. 


Have you been tested? hammered, beat down? maybe even shattered and broken?  '

Join me and together we can Reforge Mettle.  


What is a crucible moment?

 A crucible is a container that holds metals or other materials and is subjected to very high temperatures. 


A crucible moment is something that holds your feet to the [proverbial] fire. an event that challenges your very way of being. 


this can be a major life event ( graduation, new job, birth of a child, death of a loved one, etc), 

something physically  traumatic like a threat/attempt on your life, going to war, 

Or something emotionally traumatic, like reaching the top of the ladder to find it unrewarding, torture or  chronic pain (yes this is probably more emotionally taxing in my experience) 


The crucible is often the invitation to change. 


Enter Life Coach.

It may be days, months or years of trying to work through this "crucible moment" on your own, with a therapist or clergy, with family support or without. this time of effort and darkness can lead to languish or ultimatum. It can lead to poor health and poor decisions. Stress brain, and all the various health complications that come with stress, make it more and more difficult to work through on your own. 

Then ... something happens

 We are either called to change or are forced to change. This is the portal of new beginnings. 

We still must face the change and step through it alone but something stirs inside us and we find the courage to seek a new form of help. 

Enter Life Coach.

Work with the coach brings clarity, understanding and unforeseen wisdom. This challenges our current paradigms, the world as we know it.  

The coach supports us in ways we have never felt before and this support brings hope, optimism and willingness to keep going. 

The old paradigms fall away and give rise to new truths. new ways of living and being.  We find that we have grace and gratitude flowing in our life in ways we never saw before. 

We can look at the crucible objectively, with compassion for our former self and derive the lessons that we learned because of this.  This moment helped make us who we are today. 

Acceptance and understanding are completely natural and freely given as we rise to a place of Love, Joy, Peace and resilience. 

Celebrate your victory!

Reflecting on your journey, you can stand with reverence and revelation at the transformation that has occurred. 


Stress brain is no longer a thing, and if it does come up you have an arsenal of tools to keep you buoyant. 


you feel unstoppable and ready to take on the world. 


you're ready for the next challenge!! BRING IT ON!

Let the manifesting begin!

If you could be, do or have anything what would it be??

Sky is the limit. 


Time to quiet down and listen to your heart whisper.  Feel it tugging you in a direction?


Let's follow it together!


client: Anonymous 

  • two years ago I wrote" I just can't get the screams out of my mind, what am I to do. Someone please shed me of this skin I'm trapped in."
  • This week I wrote: "I am grateful for how comfortable and easy this is. I can see the future happening and approaching. woah! it is actually going to happen!!! AND I am extremely more equipped to handle changes. I am honest, I can trust, I am resilient." 
  • I did a 10 hour day the other day and I still had energy at the end of it!
  • I never thought this would be my life. Therapy and Coaching have their own place and focus and I am amazed every day how much we have accomplished together!

Thank you for reading!

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