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With various therapeutic massage modalities such as: Swedish, Connective tissue therapy, Shiatsu, Trigger point, Deep Massage; Integrated Energy Therapy, Bach flowers, Aromatherapy, and multiple sound/vibration techniques,  The Regen Cycle is here to help you reveal your best self. 


Why get a massage? what does it do for me? 


do you periodize your training? 




It's time for a massage!!


Thixotropy 101 - What massage does for you.


[Nerd Alert!] Connective tissue is the 'stuff' that holds us all together. it surrounds our muscles and keeps our skin from getting wrinkly, it's the cause of that dreaded cellulite and the matrix that is our blood.  Connective tissue is important and connective tissue is thixotropic. Thixotropy is the property of certain gels that become liquid when stirred or shaken (  Applying this to our connective tissue: think of your connective tissue as that bone broth in the bottom of the pan after you cooked a chicken (gross i know.. hear me out) when you take the chicken out of the oven the broth is liquid, it is hot, the molecules are vibrating at a fast rate causing the heat.  After the pan sits and cools for awhile the molecules slow down and your chicken broth is now a gelatin. The slowing of the vibration of the molecules has allowed the liquid to become a gel.  if the gel were allowed to dehydrate on the counter (double gross) it would become more and more solid.  


Bringing you back to the body and my lovely work day... I have a 45 min drive to work - sitting for 45 min generally with a delicious dehydrating cup of coffee and the air conditioning on. My poor connective tissues are already vibrating slower than they were in my hot shower and are getting grumpy; i haven't even started work!  I have a 5 min walk into the building to my office which barely gets the kinks out.. then I sit for 3 more hours, go to lunch and stand for 5 more before driving 45 min home. my poor muscles were stuck in one place for over 9 hours! they are now tight and reluctant to move, if I do this for multiple days in a row without exercise my connective tissues will stiffen up more and more aka the longer they stay at rest the more they want to stay at rest. Heat, Massage and other vibration therapies can help to reverse this solidification and get that spring back in your step!


Although research on massage is fairly scarce or inconclusive, receiving a massage can enlighten us all.